Neware Battery Tester System Architecture

System - Tester is Not the Only Thing

Neware testing systems are designed to integrate or to be integrated. No matter whether you do battery manufacturing business or some strict controlled R&D tests, a third party will always be introduced in your facility. And also your business logic model on testing activities and data management thereof may also need be well-configured and well-organized. Please refer to our Extended Software for more information.

Automated Calibration System

Neware battery testing systems function as measuring systems. The accuracy of those data is of great importance to your test results, and even your conclusion based on that. That's why calibration is a required process for ISO standards.

With our auto calibrator, you can perform calibration process, pre-calibration (As Found) and/or post-calibration (As Left) tests by one click on the mouse.

Neware offers calibration services for existing Neware testing systems. All calibration service work is conducted in accordance with Neware”s standard recommendations and practices for system maintenance and calibration. All work is carried out by Neware trained and qualified service engineers. After our visit we will issue a service report and a traceable calibration certificate and channel verification printout.

Neware Battery Tester Calibrator
Battery testing sections in manufacturing line

Automated Testing.
Advanced Manufacturing.

In large-scale production an automated procedure is recommended. And this automated testing is critical when you turn to EV batteries production.

Neware now delivers automated testing solutions for manufacturing of prismatic cells and pouch cells. Both two solutions can be elegantly integrated with the previous and coming processes of battery cell manufacturing. And your manufacturing execution system (MES) can also easily invoke these testing resources.


Neware battery testing system can easily integrate 3rd party faclities like environmental chambers, auxiliary measurements and others.

Control of 3rd Party Facilities
Neware Lab Information Management System, LIMS

System, Managed

To support the major 2 branches of Neware battery tester applications, neware provides Laboratory Information Management System (or LIMS) for laboratories which have enough resources to be managed and/or requirements to be well organized, Manufacturing Execution System (or MES) for production applications which address how to utilize testing resources efficiently.

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