1000 Hz Data sampling rate by Neware BTS 9000 battery tester

1000Hz - the Highest

The ultimate data sampling rate of 1000Hz with BTS 9000 battery tester marks the highest frequency in battery testing industry. From the very beginning of 1Hz, then 10Hz for typic BTS 4000, and then 100Hz for BTS 8000, we never stopped our pace for a higher data acquisition frequency enabling to investigate data more closely.

Powerful Architecture

Powerful DSP and FPGA are introduced to perfom different tasks to manage a battery test. FPGA is assigned for accurate AD data sampling, PWM and IO controls, communication and other protection during a battery test while DSP is processing the data computing, control algorithm and data exchange.

Timing accuracy of neware battery testers
Section sampling by neware battery tester

Section Sampling
Record Where Necessary

Neware battery testing system powers you record at high data sampling rate where necessary. This will largely decrease the result data comparing to generated under a constant high data samling rate.

Condtitonal record could be set in voltage ranges, current ranges or time intervals. If you want to have different sampling rate for different steps, Neware's Professional Step Editor can prodide easily.