Security hierachy of Neware Battery Tester

Safety - the Most We Care

Batteries or cells, energy devices with a limited operating conditions, are generally considerd as a dangerous element. Some more cautions are needed when you performe some experimental studies on batteries or cells.

Neware battery testing system alwasy put safety as its priority. To embody these measures, left hierachy demonstrated how we provide these precautions.

Data Security

Neware battery testing system utilizes LAN as the main framework to transfer data. This provides the most flexibility and reliablity to your system deployment.

When you look down into Neware batter, its unique Middle Machine architecture provides another enhancement layer to the data security issue. Moreover, this MM is an embedded system that allows you run tests even your LAN is down.

As we go deeper, dual embedded systems will have large redundancy to handle controls and data transfer.

Neware battery testing system depolyment
Battery testing safety protection measures

Sample Safety

As the subject the battery tester is handling with is relative vulnerable and possible thermal runaway can be of great impacting result. Battery testing needs to be greatly cautioned. Neware provides a bunch of protections from basic measurement deviations, 3rd party senses to some other abnormal changes in testing process.

Personnel Safety

Neware battery tester is an electrical device, grounding is a necessary to power the tester. The alternative current (AC) ground should be connected properly.

When a thermal runaway is triggered, the channel would be isolated and other channels can be still running or be protected based on your protection settings. This signal can be sent to the firefighting unit automaticlly.

Peronnel Safety Cautions