Neware Battery Tester Series

4 Main Series - for Different Applications

Neware provides 4 main battery tester series for different testing applications. BTS 4000 has been entered into the market for more than 10 years, covering the most applications in battery testing field. while BTS 8000 is based on BTS 4000, providing higher data sampling rate and multi current ranges. EVT 7000, on the other hand, focuses on battery module and/or pack tests by introducing IGBT. BTS 9000 is our newly designed series with a world-class stand, providing prominent perfomance.

Tailored Range, Tailored Auxiliaries.

Unnlike other suppliers, Neware utilizes module design to provide the largest flexibility with tailored ranges both for voltage and current. This will set the battery testing systems you purchased from neware the most efficiency and cost effective.

Want to have embeded auxiliaries? just contact us for the availability. Since the most case, we can bring you elegant solutions to your exact battery testing applications.

Tailored Neware Battery Tester Models
tailored accessories by Neware

Tailored Accessories

Neware provides also quite a large range of tailored battery accessories. Different fixtures for different type of batteries, different length of cable and other different accessories can mostly be made by Neware.

Academica&Laboratory&Manufacturing Battery Testing Solutions

Neware battery tester can be easily integrated with 3rd part facilities or the other way.

For academic research, Neware low current range testers powers you run quick tests for your prototype cells, or even a tri-electrode system.

When the studies go broader, some laboratories require a bunch of facilities like environment chambers, thermal sensors and others to support the tests. Neware BTS 4000 powers you the flexibility and reliability. Meanwhile, Neware LIMS can manage all the testing resources to help you meet ISO 17025 standards quickly.

For battery cells manufacturing, Neware has also integrated solutions.

Academic&Laboratory&Manufacturing Battery Testing Solutions