accuracy of neware battery tester series

Voltage & Current - the Very Essential

The accuracies of Voltage and/or current may fundamentally affect the results come from a test. That's why accuracies of voltage and current are so important to a battery tester.

Neware battery testers provide good accuracies both for voltage and current. This ensures you get the most reliable data from your tests.

A measurement system can be accurate but not precise, precise but not accurate, neither, or both. Neware battery testers provide good prrecision meanwhile. To get an overall performance of a measurement system, Measurement system analysis (MSA) is usually introduced for the study.

Timing - the Often Neglected

Most of us are considering the voltage and current accuracies are the all important factors of a battery tester, but actually timing accuracy is of the same importance.

Capacity or energy is calculated on time basis with the voltage and current measured, thus the timing accuracy will greatly affect the capacity calculated. To a general constant current or other constant testing regimes, this effect may not that easy to be observed.

Another bad handling was founded by some 3rd party battery testing laboratories. Some battery testers from other suppliers may have an intrisinc communication time, and this time is even aggravated when many channels are connected. Up to 5 seconds of this intrisinc time has been observed from a report. If you run some pulse or simulation tests on such kind of battery testers, your results would be awfully unreliable.

Neware battery testers have unique architecture to tackle this kind of concern, providing you reliable timing accuracy.

Timing accuracy of neware battery testers
MSA of neware battery testing system

MSA - Systemetic Research

Measurement system analysis (MSA) is an experimental and mathematical method of determining how much the variation within the measurement process contributes to overall process variability. There are five parameters to investigate in an MSA: bias, linearity, stability, repeatability and reproducibility.

Accuracy is the fundamental brick of a measuring system. Except improving the voltage & current accuracy for your need, we tune every aspect of the testing system. With our thorough design and verification, MSA (Measurement System Analysis) is performed to study the performance of our testing system.

Neware Tuning

Neware tunes its battery testers to their best states, this will give you a stable output always.

Neware Battery Tester Accuracy Drift