BTS 9000 - State-of-the-Art Battery Testing System

BTS 9000 is focused on those who have the most advanced performance requirements like material research, GSM and other high speed telecom pulse.
Features of Neware BTS 9000 Battery Tester

Key Features

  • 0.02% FS(Full Scale) accuracy for voltage and current
  • 4 current ranges
  • ≤100us quick response time
  • 1000Hz data acquisition frequency
  • Minimum 400us pulse width
  • GSM and other high speed telecom pulse


Neware BTS 9000 Battery Tester Applications

GSM and other high speed pulse | Capacity | Cycle Life | HPPC | DCR | Material Research

Uncompromising Performance

Neware BTS 9000 Battery Tester Hardware performance
BTS 9000 powers you the state-of-the-art hardware, enabling you get the most accurate result for your study. For high speed pulse tests, BTS 9000 outputs without waveform distortion. And 1000Hz data acquisition frequency is guaranteed all the time, powers you see more closely about the change.

GSM Pulse

BTS 9000 features multi-current ranges and high data acquisition frequency, enabling it the best hardware performance to high speed pulse as quick as minimu pulse width of 400us. GSM pulse is a kind of simulation which predicts more accuractely than conventional constant discharge way for a telecom battery.

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Neware BTS 9000 Battery Tester GSM Pulse


Input AC 110V±10% 220V±10% Single phase, 50/60Hz
Input power varies with the output power


Voltage: 10mV - 5V ±1mV
Current: 30nA - 5A
Multi-current ranges
Range 1: 30nA - 150uA ± 30nA
Range 2: 150uA - 5mA ± 1uA
Range 3: 5mA - 150mA ± 30uA
Range 4: 150mA - 5A ± 1mA

Data Acquisition
Frequency: Max 1000Hz

Response Time: 100us

Operation Mode
Charge: Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power
Discharge: Constant Current, Constant Power, Constant Resistance
Simulation: Constant Current, Constant Power
End Conditions: Voltage, Current, Step Time, Capacity, Energy and other defined variables

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Neware BTS 9000 Battery Tester