BTS 8000 - EV Drive Cycle Simulation

BTS 8000 is designed on BTS 4000 architecture. In comparison, BTS 8000 supports multi-current ranges and higher data acquisition frequency.


Applications of Neware BTS 8000 Battery Tester
Drive Cycle Simulation | Capacity | Cycle Life | HPPC | DCR | Over-charge | Over-discharge
Neware BTS 8000 Battery Tester

Key Features

  • Market-proven battery testing system
  • Multi current ranges
  • Rapid response. ≤10ms typical response time. ≤1ms for models with current range lower than 12A
  • 0.05% Full-scale accuracy for current & voltage
  • 100Hz data acquisition frequency
  • 500ms minimum pulse width
  • Flexible integration of hardware and data management
  • Highly customizable, as for current&voltage ranges, current ranges, battery clamps and other aspects

Powerful Conditional Syntax

Conditional Syntax of Neware BTS 8000 Battery Tester
Neware facilitates you to run some complex battery testing applications by our powerful conditional syntax with user definable variables

Neware Tuning

Neware has a solid R&D team to tune the battery testing system into its best state. BTS 4000 now dominates the market with continuious improvement through the past decade.
Accuracy drift of Neware BTS 8000 Battery Tester
Drive cycle simulation by Neware BTS 8000 battery tester

Drive Cycle Simulation

BTS 8000 features multi-current ranges and high data acquisition frequency, enabling it the best hardware performance to perform drive cycle simulations By import txt or Excel file with 2 columns of data, including output current or power vs. time, system will automatically reposone the set value. Your other protection conditions can also be valid during the simulation.

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AC 110V±10% 220V±10% Single or three-phase, 50/60Hz
Input power varies with the output power


Voltage: 0.5% - 100% FSR (Full Scale Range, range from 5V to 60V)
Current: 0.5% - 100% FSR (Full Scale Range, range from 30A to 3000A) Multi-current ranges

Resolution: 16bit

Data Acquisition
Frequency: 100Hz
Time Interval: 10ms to 60000 seconds
Voltage Interval: 0.2% -100% FSR
Current Interval: 0.2% -100% FSR

Response Time: ≤10ms. 1ms for current lower than 12A

Operation Mode
Charge: Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Constant Power
Discharge: Constant Current, Constant Power, Constant Resistance
Simulation: Constant Current, Constant Power
End Conditions: Voltage, Current, Step Time, Capacity, Energy and other defined variables

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Neware BTS 8000 Battery Tester