Neware EVT 7000 Battery Tester Applications

Applications - for Higher Voltage

EVT 7000 series ultilizes insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) as its power part. This provides higher efficiency and smaller volume for higher voltage applications.

CAN Bus Decoder

To handle data exchange with the BMS installed on battery module or pack, Neware EVT 7000 is also a CANBUS decoder with decode the signals from BMS. And these valuable data could be applied for further computing like used as stopping or protection conditions.

You can config which frame of CANBus data is for what use manually. Data also can be easily processed with the dbc file imported.

CAN Bus Decoder by Neware Battery Tester EVT 7000
Auxiliary mapping of Neware battery testing system

up to 248 Auxiliary Channels

If you are going to run tests a battery module or pack without BMS installed, Neware auxiliary channels provide you another layer of safety measures to make sure every single cell in the battery module or pack is monitored and managed.