Drive Cycle Simulation by Neware Battery Tester

Simulation - the Way You Look into Reality

You know battery capacity at at constant current, or power, or load. But the reality is that no the energy is drawn by a constant variable. Your capacity or energy tested under constant conditions can only be a general one, and the cycle life tested such regime can also be largely deviated from reality. To have a better master of reality, simulation is introduced. GSM pulse is of such kind for phone batteries. for EV batteries, Drive Cycle Simulation is used.

Driving Cycle Simulation

Driving cycles are used to simulate car’s fuel economy at different operating conditions. There are many driving schedules or driving cycles that are issued by various agencies or institutes. You can visit the EPA (U.S. Environment Protection Agency) website for more: To simulate EV, you need to convert the speed output into the power consumption or regeneration of the energy storage device installed on the vehicle.

EPA Federal Test Procedure (FTP)
Drive cycle simulation by Neware Battery Tester BTS8000

Simulation at One Click

Neware BTS provides a quick access to perform drive cycle simulation. You can easily initiate a SIM step then a file loading dialog will prompt. Your drive cycle consits of time and power (or current). Be noticed that, negative value will stand for discharge process. And of cause, Neware BTS 8000 provides such hardware performances to run drive cycle simulation.

Powerful BTSDA to Handle Millions Records

By importing specified drive cycle profile, you can set end conditions to see how many cycles can be reached. Then you can easily calculate the fuel economy or energy economy.

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Simulation Data by Neware Battery Tester

Why Neware Battery Tester for Drive Cycle Simulation

Response Fast

Response Fast
BTS 8000 has a general response time of 10ms. This makes the data more reliable since DCIR steps are usually brought out in seconds.

Accurate Timing

Accurate Timing
BTS 8000 has also a good accurate timing accuracy. This makes data repeatable and reliable.

100Hz Data Sampling Rate

100Hz Data Sampling Rate
BTS 8000 has a typic data samping rate of 100Hz, this makes your data selection points down to 10ms level. 
Simulation run by Neware BTS 8000 battery tester