Capacity test by Neware Battery Tester


Capacity is the most application in battery testing. Neware battery tester can easily perform a capacity check of a battery or cell just by lines of testing steps.

Your data can be then collected and managed by BTSDA (Battery Testing System Data Analyzer).

Intuitive Step Editor

You can use the intuitive step editor to set steps to run a capacity test, cycle life test or other complicated tests. System will run a syntax check before running the steps.

Make sure the operating voltage window of the batteries or cells under tests is met all the time. Neware provides also advanced safety protection except such basic voltage window.

To ensure data security, You can also use the auto backup function to backup testing data at a target time.

Intuitive Step Editor of Neware Battery Tester
powerful conditional syntax

Powerful Conditional Syntax

Neware facilitates you to run some complex battery testing applications by our powerful conditional syntax with user definable variables

Powerful BTSDA to Summarize Data

BTSDA allows you draw custom plots quickly. With such fuction, data can be easily and quickly investigated.

- Download Demo Data
custom plots by Neware Battery Tester
Regnerative Models of Neware Battery Tester


You may wonder what if the discharging energy can be collected but not be dissipated as heat.

The answer is YES, we currently have 12A / 20A / 30A / 60A / 120A / 240A for 5V models. All EVT 7000 models are regenerative.