Battery testing sections in manufacturing line

Automated Testing.
Advanced Manufacturing.

In large-scale production an automated procedure is recommended. And this automated testing is critical when you turn to EV batteries production.

Neware now delivers automated testing solutions for manufacturing of prismatic cells and pouch cells. Both two solutions can be elegantly integrated with the previous and coming processes of battery cell manufacturing. And your manufacturing execution system (MES) can also easily invoke these testing resources.

Automated Calibration System

Neware battery testing systems function as measuring systems. The accuracy of those data is of great importance to your test results, and even your conclusion based on that. That's why calibration is a required process for ISO standards.

The auto calibrator used in EV batteries manufacturing will be shaped as the battery fixture and using WiFi to transfer the data.

Neware Battery Tester Calibrator applied in Manufacturing
Prisimatic cells in formation by Neware Battery Tester

Prismatic Cells in Formation

As to the formation process of prismatic cells, it generally requires a negative pressure inside the cell case. This picture illustrates how the prismatic cells are connected.

Pouch Cells in Formation

Unlike negative pressure inside to formation process of prismatic cells, larger and unique presure be exerted on the pouch cell surface is now a common to the formation process. To have a quicker formation time, cells also need to be heated to about 45℃.

Pouch cells formation in process