Neware Battery Testing System | Getting Started

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electricity connection of neware battery tester

1. Electricity Connection

You need to make sure the power supply you are going to connecting the tester with meets requirements listed on the information label of the tester.

And also, if the tester comes with a power cable, connect correct leads to the power system.

2. Battery Connection

Each channel of Neware battery tester has at least four sensing terminals – I+/V+ and I-/V-.

  • The voltage sensing should not be connected on the current leads.
  • The current sensing should be connected tightly to improve current passing capability.

Custom battery fixture available from us.

battery connection of neware battery tester
Neware battery testing system depolyment

3.1 Software - LAN-based System

Neware battery tester functions a LAN device, using TCP/IP to transfer data. Additionally there is SERVER IP to be configured on the tester, identifying only the hosting computer having an IP address of SERVER IP can control this tester.

3.2 Software - Software Installation

Software Installation & Configuration

You may refer to below link for software package.

General BTS Server/Client

After the installation, you will have BTS Server and BTS Client on the computer. You may also deploy BTS client and BTS server on separated computers.

Advanced Reporter/MES/LIMS for different scenarios.

Refer to System Feature for more

DCIR Settings on Neware Battery Tester
channel mappping of neware battery tester

3.3 Software - Channel Mapping

After you have SERVER IP set, you will see connected testers on the left tree menu from BTS Client. You still need to map the channels before you can operate each one.

  • Click on the target number of the tester.
  • Choose Reset Map(M) *on the right click menu of the right area from BTS Client.
  • You can choose 1*8 or 1*16 for Main channel mapping.
* User logged-in required. admin/neware for default.

3.4 Software - Start a Test

After channels be mapped, you are now able to start a test on selected channels.

Work steps can also be saved as a step file in XML file format for future load.

start a test with neware battery testing system
data viewer neware battery tester

3.5 Software - Data View

You can use View Data on right click menu of the selected channel to view data. This will download data from the server to your local file system and launch BTSDA to open.

BTSDA opens NDA data, rendering data in 2 parts – left is the plotted curves and right is detailed records.

neware support

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