Software Hierarchy, Key Files and Folders

Software Hierarchy

Benefited from distributed architecture, BTS provides your most flexibility and data utility. BTS Client is a free software package on application tier, while some other custom solutions are provided on charge basis.

Software Hierachy
Software Hierachy

Key Files and Folders

Folders generated after BTS software installation completed are listed as below. If your computer functions only as BTS Client or BTS Server, there will only one such folder under NEWARE directory.

Folder Hierarchy and Description
Folder Hierarchy and Description

The following are important files:

  • BTS.ini in BTSClient folder. This file specifies the configuration parameters of the client, like BTS servers connected to, step color, status color and etc.
  • my.ini in BTSServer folder. This file is generated by MySQL; do not alter this file if you are not familiar with MySQL.
  • BtsServer.ini in \Neware\BTSServer\bin folder. This file specifies the configuration parameters of the server.
  • ibdata1 in \NEWARE\BTSServer\data folder. This is the data file which MySQL manages, storing all the test data.
Caution Sign

Files and Folder Operation

Above presentation is only for better understanding of our software. We strongly suggest that these files or folders are not altered unless you are instructed to.