Configuration of the Tester and Hosting Computer

Configuration Procedures

  • Our battery tester functions as a LAN device, so there should be a LAN connected between BTS Server and the equipment. Equipment has a unique MAC and IP.
  • Set BTS Server’s (hosting computer) IP address as the value of the Server IP ( Server_IP ) of the tester. is the default value.
  • Configure your BTS.ini to connect the BTS Client and BTS Server.

Configuration of Battery Tester

the battery testers we are currently shipping have a keypad and LCD installed, which will enable you to set and view those parameters

BTS 4000 keypad
BTS 4000 Keypad

If you have a keypad resembles the example in above figure, navigate to Configuration using the arrows to set the IP address and other configurations.

Change Get IP Addr from AUTO to MANUAL . You can set Device ID (Device Number), MAC, LP (Local IP address), SM (Sub Mask) and SP (Server IP) using the up/down arrows to increase or decrease the number.

Configuration of BTSClient

If your computer functions as both the BTS server and client, you can launch the BTSClient.exe on your desktop. And if you are connecting the BTS client to the BTS server distributed in your LAN, you may edit BTS.ini in \NEWARE\BTSClient7.5.3 folder. This file can be opened by any notepad application. You will need to restart the BTSClient to see the effect.

BTS Client Configuration

Tip Sign

BTSClient Configuration

You are allowed to add total 10 servers here. Some other lines will be neglected when your inputs is larger than 10 or IP* index larger than 10.