Software - Installation & Configuration

Preparation for Software Installation

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Basic requirements for Neware software

1. Windows platform, below minimum computer hardware resources to run MySQL database.
2. 2 partitions and a non-system drive recommended for data security.
3. NTFS is suggested for the drive to enable larger file size and data security.
4.Write-caching disabled for data security.

Computer Requirements

To run Neware software on your computer, recommended system request will be as below:


Technical Specifications

CPU Frequency

2.4GHz or above


2G DDR2 800 or above

Hard Disk

500GB SATA or above, RAID5 is preferred.

Operating System

Windows 2000 or above

Ports & Aux.

RJ-45, UPS

2 Partitions

Making 2 partitions of your computer’s disk is highly recommended. It is also recommended to use a non-system drive for the NEWARE software directory.

The use of NTFS file system and disabled write-caching are preferred to ensure data security. (The NTFS file system provides better performance and security for data on hard disks and partitions or volumes than the FAT file system used in some earlier versions of Windows. Disabling write-caching is mainly to protect data from loss or corruption. This functions for the whole disk.)

  • Convert Drive to NTFS

    How to convert a partition from FAT / FAT32 to NTFS file system. Just type “cmd” in run, and type “CONVERT volume /FS: NTFS”. Convert drive to NTFS
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NTFS and write-caching disabled

1. NTFS enables file size larger than 4GB, preventing a writing error or data loss when database file larger than 4GB.
2. Disabled writing-caching will write data to file in real time, preventing unexpected data loss or corruption.

  • Disable write-caching

    b)Just right click on target disk, choose “Properties”. Then find your disk under “Hardware” tab view, click “Properties”, Navigate to “Policies” tab view at the prompt. Uncheck “Enable write-caching on the device”. disable writing-caching
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Virtual memory setting. To ensure optimum performance, the virtual memory size should be adjusted.

Right click on “Computer” icon on desktop, select (if using Windows Vista/7, you need to click “Advanced system settings” in the left column), This will open a dialog prompt. Choose “System managed size” or take the circled recommended value for as initial size for your custom size.

virtual memory

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BTS Software Installation and Uninstall


Neware BTS software can be found on the included CD or download from our official web site. Under each directory, there may be three items listed, one is vcredist_86 folder which is the C++ runtime, another one BTSServer.msi or BTSClient.msi which is the core software package, the third one is setup.exe which is an installation sequence.

Installation Procedures

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 runtime is required to run Neware BTS software.
  • BTS Server will register two services - btsserver and mysql - onto the host computer.
  • One computer can function as both BTS server and BTS client.
  • You can deploy as many BTS clients in your LAN as you want.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Libraries

Runtime provided is X86 based, but it is compatible with an X64 based system. There is no need to reinstall an X86 version if your C++ runtime is X64.

After C++ runtime is installed, you can continue to install the BTS server or client. For both BTSServer and BTSClient, we suggest a non-system drive for the installation folders.

Software Installation
Non-system drive selected for the BTS Server Folder

After BTSServer installation is complete, two services – btsserver and mysql – will be registered and started.

BTS services
BTS Server services registered and started

After the BTSClient installation is complete, three application shortcuts will be generated on the desktop.

shortcuts for Neware Software
BTS Client shortcuts


To uninstall NEWARE BTS software, you can use the standard program management in Windows or the MSI Uninstall Package.

Control Panel

Use Control Panel, navigate to Programs and Features, find the item you want to uninstall, then right click and select “Uninstall” or just click “Uninstall” on the title row to have this uninstalled.

Neware BTS software uninstall in Control Panel
Neware BTS software uninstall in Control Panel

MSI Unistall

MSI uninstall. Navigate to the program directory that you want to uninstall. As an example, to have TC53 uninstalled, just simply navigate to the TC53 directory, find “TC53_Setup.msi”, right click and then click “Uninstall” .

Neware BTS software uninstall by MSI uninstall command
Neware BTS software uninstall by MSI uninstall command

If you still find “btsserver” and “Mysql” in host computer services list after uninstall. Just use “sc” command to have them deleted. Command example: “sc –delete btsserver

Neware Services Unregister

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Software Hierarchy, Key Files and Folders

Software Hierarchy

Benefited from distributed architecture, BTS provides your most flexibility and data utility. BTS Client is a free software package on application tier, while some other custom solutions are provided on charge basis.

Software Hierachy
Software Hierachy

Key Files and Folders

Folders generated after BTS software installation completed are listed as below. If your computer functions only as BTS Client or BTS Server, there will only one such folder under NEWARE directory.

Folder Hierarchy and Description
Folder Hierarchy and Description

The following are important files:

  • BTS.ini in BTSClient folder. This file specifies the configuration parameters of the client, like BTS servers connected to, step color, status color and etc.
  • my.ini in BTSServer folder. This file is generated by MySQL; do not alter this file if you are not familiar with MySQL.
  • BtsServer.ini in \Neware\BTSServer\bin folder. This file specifies the configuration parameters of the server.
  • ibdata1 in \NEWARE\BTSServer\data folder. This is the data file which MySQL manages, storing all the test data.
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Files and Folder Operation

Above presentation is only for better understanding of our software. We strongly suggest that these files or folders are not altered unless you are instructed to.

Configuration of the Tester and Hosting Computer

Configuration Procedures

  • Our battery tester functions as a LAN device, so there should be a LAN connected between BTS Server and the equipment. Equipment has a unique MAC and IP.
  • Set BTS Server’s (hosting computer) IP address as the value of the Server IP ( Server_IP ) of the tester. is the default value.
  • Configure your BTS.ini to connect the BTS Client and BTS Server.

Configuration of Battery Tester

the battery testers we are currently shipping have a keypad and LCD installed, which will enable you to set and view those parameters

BTS 4000 keypad
BTS 4000 Keypad

If you have a keypad resembles the example in above figure, navigate to Configuration using the arrows to set the IP address and other configurations.

Change Get IP Addr from AUTO to MANUAL . You can set Device ID (Device Number), MAC, LP (Local IP address), SM (Sub Mask) and SP (Server IP) using the up/down arrows to increase or decrease the number.

Configuration of BTSClient

If your computer functions as both the BTS server and client, you can launch the BTSClient.exe on your desktop. And if you are connecting the BTS client to the BTS server distributed in your LAN, you may edit BTS.ini in \NEWARE\BTSClient7.5.3 folder. This file can be opened by any notepad application. You will need to restart the BTSClient to see the effect.

BTS Client Configuration

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BTSClient Configuration

You are allowed to add total 10 servers here. Some other lines will be neglected when your inputs is larger than 10 or IP* index larger than 10.