Data View

Data Display

The right side of the BTSDA window shows the structured data. There are three layers provided for an organized view and quick summary of the data. You can clickdata layout to expand or collapse these layers.

Cycle Layer
Cycle Layer

You can select what data will be displayed by right clicking on the title of the data grid.

Data to be dispalyed
Data to Be Displayed

The title will only change when you have selected a row of data. You can also select a title name to highlight the selected column. If you want to select or unselect columns, click on their titles directly.


Advanced Menu of BTSDA

Right click in the data area, there are several commands provided.

  • Expand/ Collapse: Same function as the Expand/Collapse tool on tool bar.
  • Collapse: Collapse current data layer.
  • Time Format: Choose time unit. If Single Step option is selected, the initial time will be zero for every step.
  • Parameter Setting: Set data unit and choose display options for the data layers.
  • Copy: Copy selected data into clipboard.
  • Channel Information: View channel information.
  • Log: View log.
  • Marking DCIR: Select rows for DCIR calculation.
  • DCIR: Guide to perform DCIR calculation.
  • DCIR-P: Guide to perform DCIR calculation based on pulse data.
  • Step Picture: View step infrared picture if infrared camera were installed and pictures were set to take.
  • Export: Export data.
  • Print
  • Print Preview

Right Click Menu of BTSDA
Right Click Menu of BTSDA

Cycle Layer Settings

Cycle layer settings dialog is seen in below

Cycle Layer Settings
Cycle Layer Settings