BTS Client Overview

BTS Client Overview

BTS Client is a traditional Windows program and has the following 6 content blocks.



Device List

Devices and their connection status.

Device management – Information inquiry, embedded software update, device configuration.

Current / History Tab

Search data on BTS server(s) under Search tab, and list all history data and manage them under History tab.

Brief View Settings

Set background color highlight different channel states, and adjust visible information.

Auxiliary Information

List all the barcodes input, press machine monitor and control.(Question: Not clear what this is.)

Main Content

Mapped channels and their real time data.

View Picker and other functions

Three views provided and two other functions – Capacity grading and Battery Match.

BTS Client Overview
BTS Client Overview

Note Sign

Exit BTSClient

Exiting BTSClient.exe will NOT cause any running tests to cease. All your testing commands are transferred to, and all the recorded data is stored by BTS Server.


Under some unexpected occasions, you may experience a problem which requires further information for troubleshooting. Log files may need to be submitted. Navigate to Package Log under Help on menu bar. This will compile all of the files in BTS Client\logData folder.

User Management

You may specify users in different User Groups to assign different access rights to the BTSClient. To access User Management, you should log as an administrator user. For non-administrator users, you can only modify your password.

After logging in as administrator, you can access User Management by clicking User Management under User on the Menu Bar.

User Management
User Management

You can add and delete a user group, and also assign access rights to a selected group. You can also add users to a selected group.