Below are our major product series. For more details, visit our products page or contact our sales representative.

BTS 4000

This series is an updated version of BTS 3000. It provides higher data acquisition rates up to 100Hz to enable reliable DCR (Direct Current Resistance) measurements. It also features a faster system output response for improved accuracy.

BTS 8000

BTS 8000 is designed for EV (Electric Vehicle) drive cycle simulation, providing even faster system response than the BTS 4000. Multiple current ranges are available to ensure high current or power capabilities.

BTS 9000

This series is our sophisticated series for battery or material research solutions. It is characterized by a data acquisition rate up to 1000Hz, an accuracy of 0.02% FS (Full Scale) and a minimum pulse width of 400us (microsecond) which can be utilized for GSM or other rapid pulse tests.


In most cases, discharged power from batteries is released as heat. Our ES (Energy Saving) system has energy recovery capabilities, allowing for improved efficiency.

EVT 7000

EVT 7000 improves on the EVT 6000 and provides more reliability and efficiency in a smaller footprint.


BVIR provides portable ACR (alternative current resistance) and voltage testing solutions for batteries. It complies with IEC 61436:1998, using 1 kHz alternative current stimulus signal for ACR measurement.

We provide not only the above presented products, but also calibration systems, system integration solutions, testing services and software development such as BIS (Battery Information System) to manage battery production information and LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) to manage testing activities in a laboratory.