Neware Sponsored Wiley-Soochow University International Conference on Energy Materials

Neware Sponsored Wiley-Soochow University International Conference on Energy Materials

To develop the fusion of famous city and famous university and to enhance the core technolgy competitiveness of Soochow, Wiley-Soochow University International Conference on Energy Materials was held sucessfully by Energy School, Soochow university on 21st to 23rd December, 2018. 

Wiley Publishing Group, Institute for Energy and material innovation, Soochow University ( SIEMIS ), the International Joint Research Center for Intelligent Nano-Environmental Materials and Testing Technologies of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Jiangsu Chemical and Chemical Society, and the Jiangsu Renewable Energy Society jointly organised this conference. Neware, as a leading battery material testing system provider, sponsored this internation conference.

Professor Yan Chenglin

On the morning of the 22nd , Professor Cheng Chenglin, co-chair of the conference and dean of the School of Energy, Suzhou University, presided over the opening ceremony of the conference and briefly introduced the rapid development and achievements of the Energy Institute in recent years.

On behalf of the school, Zhang Xiaohong expressed warm welcome to the participating scholars. He expressed sincere gratitude to all experts and scholars for their concern and support for the development and construction of Suzhou University, and wished this international seminar a successful and successful conclusion.

Chen Jun addressed the conference. He pointed out that through this conference, colleagues at home and abroad gathered together to carry out in-depth exchanges on new developments and new technologies of energy materials, show the latest and most cutting-edge research results, and explore future development directions, which will continue the field of energy and materials. Development plays a vital role.

At the meeting, Xu Guangchen introduced the situation of Wiley magazine in the field of energy and materials, focused on Advanced Energy Materials, and welcomed everyone to contribute. Subsequently, Wiley Press Author Service Manager, Editor Dr. Jiang Wei , Wiley 's well-known materials science journal reviewer Dr. Su Xin, Wiley 's well-known material science journal editor Dr. Shi Wei, three publications on Wiley Small, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Electronic Materials, Advanced Materials Technologies, etc., conducted research on the fields of energy, materials , catalysis, and peer-reviewed scholars.

The seminar exchanged and discussed the latest and cutting-edge technologies and scientific research progress in the field of energy chemistry and materials through the special report, invitation report and wall report. There are main venue and sub-meetings in the conference. There are conference reports and 140 invitation reports.At the same time, Wiley Magazine encouraged the establishment of the Wiley BestPoster Award and the Wiley Young Scientist Award for outstanding wall posters and reports . During the two-day conference, nearly 500 participating experts closelyfollowed the theme of “ focusing on the international frontier and strengthening basic innovation ” , and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the frontier issues of energy storage, conversion and catalysis.

General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s speech at the celebration of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up emphasized "to work together for building a lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness, tolerance, clean and beautiful world .The world of building clean and beautiful is a new energy person. Responsibility. The seminar was successfully held to provide a platform for strengthening the exchange of scientific workers and business people in the field of energy materials, contributing to the development of the energy materials field, and enhancing the visibility and further development of the space for Suzhou University. Played an important role.

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