Neware Sponsored the ICEES 2019 Held in Shaoxing, China

Neware Sponsored the ICEES 2019 Held in Shaoxing, China

Neware Sponsored the ICEES 2019 Held in Shaoxing, China. 

2019 International Conference on Electrochemical Energy System (2019 ICEES) is dedicated to providing a strong platform for professionals from industries and academic organizations to share recent progress in fuel cells, advanced secondary batteries, supercapacitors, and next generation electrochemical energy systems. Their applications in electric vehicles, smart grids, and renewable energy utilization will be extensively discussed to promote further advancements in energy storage and conversion systems. The fruitful conference program comprises a variety of academic forum, including fuel cell and electrochemical energy storage devices. The Shanghai Electrochemical Energy Devices Research Center, in cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nankai University, Tsinghua University and Beijing Institute of Technology, is organizing this conference, which is being held at Shaoxing, China on March 26-30, 2019.

This conference will invite worldwide distinguished professors, scientists, and engineers to share their recent advancements and breakthroughs in materials, devices, and products for electrochemical energy systems. In the meanwhile, “International Exhibition on Latest Technologies, Products, and Equipment of Electrochemical Energy System” will be held at the same time, with participants from universities, research centers, industries and publishing institutions across the world. This conference shoots for providing unique networking opportunities, bridging the gap between industries and academic organizations, and promoting technology transfer from research to industry.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of 2019 ICEES we sincerely invite you to this excellent meeting to share new achievements in electrochemical energy systems, including the following topics:

  • Fundamental for electrochemical energy system

  • Fuel cell systems (PEM|FC、SOFC、DMFC)

  • Advanced secondary batteries (Li/Na-ion, Li-S, all solid state)

  • Electrochemical Supercapacitor

  • Next generation electrochemical energy systems

Shaoxing is famous for its splendid history and culture. We sincerely welcome experts in electrochemical energy systems from all over the world to attend this excellent meeting and wish you a pleasant stay in this beautiful city of Shaoxing.

More information about the Conference:

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