About us

Neware is a leading battery testing system provider headquartered in Shenzhen, China.
Neware has been committed to providing high performance battery testing system since 1998.

Why Neware

Through 2 decades innovation, Neware has provided more than 160,000 systems for about 26,000 clients worldwide.


At Neware, providing quality battery testing system is our top priority. Neware is ISO9001:2008 qualified, and its products CE certificated.


At Neware, we admire those who embody the bold while professional ideas without compromise. Our R&D team, engineering team are those people.


Through our dedicated services, customers' current and potential battery testing needs are satisfied efficiently.
We are using Neware benches for testing our primary cells and batteries for several years now. We are quite satisfied about the quality of this type of equipment and we find always good and very reactive feedback from their “after sale” service to help us in specific case.
We have been using Neware battery testing system for many years. We are focused on different electrochemical tests of lithium-ion batteries. The Neware machine is easy to be used and the program is easy to set. We have conducted charge-discharge cycling for more than 5000 cycles and the machine showed very good stability, which helped us to obtain good results in the research work.
Various neware testing systems have been equipped our laboratory for years and serves very good. We use them for many kinds of tests. Easy to handle the tests and data is well organized for our reporting work. The most important thing is the measurement and control are quite accurate and reliable.