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Why Neware

Thousands of Clients' Choice

We serve more than 26,000 clients globally with more than 170,000 sets of battery testers installed. Believe in their choice.

Reliable & Flexible Battery Testing Solutions

Compare to those players in battery tester or battery testing system industry, Neware provides equal or higher performance while we focus more on battery tests. 

Cost Effective

With abundant talents and industry supplies in Shenzhen, neware utilizes to provide you cost effective battery testing solutions.

Neware at a Glance

Neware is a leading battery testing system provider headquartered in Shenzhen, China.
Neware has been committed to providing high performance battery testing system since 1998.

170,000+ Sets

up to 170,000+ sets of battery testers had been installed on customer site. And this number still increases significantly.

2,6000+ Clients

We serve more than 26,000 clients globally, ranging from lithium ion battery manufacturer, battery material provider to academic study in universities or other institues.

20 Years

Founded in 1998, Neware has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Our market is a good reward of the 2 decades of innovation. And we are not slowing of innovation pace to provide you more.


Benifited from neware's unique architecture, BTS 9000 provides a continuous 1000Hz data acquisition frequency capability each channel, enabling you investigate more closely.

4 Current Ranges

BTS 8000 provides up to 4 custom current ranges which will largely increase credibility when you run drive cycle simulation with power being fluctuated greatly and frequently.

1000 kVA

EVT 7000 saw a high power capability for those high voltage battery packs. EVT 7000 can be voltage and current cutomized from 100V to 1000V, 50A to 3000A with a max power of 1000kVA.

Reliable & Flexible
Battery Testing Solutions

Battery tester is not the only thing. We provide you turn-key battery testing solutions which power you test any kind of electrochemical batteries, with battery managing unit mounted or not. If you are going to need 3rd party testing facility to support your testing activities, Neware battery testing system connects them. After tests finished, data can be sumarized by Neware Report or managed by Neware LIMS or MES system.

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We have been using Neware benches for testing our primary cells and batteries for several years. We are quite satisfied about the quality of this type of equipment and we find always good and very reactive feedback from their after-sales service to help us in specific case.
We have been using Neware battery testing system for many years. We are focused on different electrochemical tests of lithium-ion batteries. The Neware machine is easy to be used and the program is easy to set. We have conducted charge-discharge cycling for more than 5000 cycles and the machine showed very good stability, which helped us to obtain good results in the research work.
Various neware testing systems have been equipped our laboratory for years and serves very good. We use them for many kinds of tests. Easy to handle the tests and data is well organized for our reporting work. The most important thing is the measurement and control are quite accurate and reliable.